About Us

When we bought Rosenthal's Dried Fruit & Nuts from George and Lottie Rosenberg (the cantor at our Synagogue and his wife) in 1990, we had no idea how quickly it would become a true "family" business. To say that our very first shipment of pistachios was not up to our high standards would be an understatement. The whole family, including our two teenage children, leapt into action, hunkering down for the entire night to go through every single nut in the shipment and separate the good from the not-so-good.  

We fondly remember that night as the moment our passion for extraordinary quality was born!

By 1997, that passion had paid off. We had built strong relationships with the best growers in the country; made friends with (and clients of) the finest vintners, bakers, and restaurateurs in the area; and had outgrown the converted garage that served as our base of operations and moved into a REAL warehouse. We changed our name to Napa Nuts, etc. and watched our business evolve from a Mom & Pop operation to a local business with a national reach. Today, Napa Nuts has shed the "etc." but continues to grow and serve an ever-larger circle of clients who appreciate our exceptional customer service and unparalleled product offerings. Now those two teenage children own and operate the company and carry on the family tradition.

Visit our informational website: www.napanuts.com

Napa Nuts
1755 Industrial Way #6
Napa, CA 94558